About us

Eprom System was founded in 1993  by an entrepreneurial initiative, which found its origins in the long-standing experience built from its founder in the  security systems designing and integrations, like CCTV, access control and anti-theft

With the knowledge and constant know-how update in ICT and Security, Eprom System is able to propose to its customers high-end “Security & Control” systems, thank to the implementation of the highest technological standard on the market

The majority of the systems that Eprom Systems designs are dedicated to governments, bank, financial activities, public spaces and Oil & Gas plants. Between those we can see Vatican Museums, UBI Banca Group, Brembo S.p.A., Flextronics and since 2021, also Intesa San Paolo and BPER Banca.

Thanks to the wide technical department, Eprom System, in addition to designing, also provides maintenance services. This allows us to ensure that our systems are always efficiently working and, in case of emergency, the system recovery is guaranteed within 24 hours from the warning.

Our Staff

Our staff is composed of a variety of professionals with different skills and knowledge. They are in close contact with our national and foreign partners, working beside them for being always updated and informed about the latest technologies available.

Field Specialist

The Field Specialist has the role to set up the entire system and maintain it whenever it’s necessary.

Commissioning Specialist

Commissioning Specialists are the ones who test the system and train the final customer on how-to use it.

They have deep knowledge of devices’ specs composing the security system installed. Furthermore, Commissioning Specialists have gained experience in the field and a wide knowledge of every device we set up.

System Engineer

A System Engineer has specific knowledge about systems’ technological problems and their applications. He is high level profile, endowed with a solid professional experience, he is able to support the customer throughout choosing the best-fit devices based on the environment where they will be installed.

Our philosophy

At Eprom System we have a positive attitude that allows us to be distinguished for customer-tailored services and a high level of productivity. This ensures a faster response to customer’s needs and problems on his environment and security system at everytime.

Our specialists, both the designing and maintenance teams have gained high specific experience in Safety & Security field.

This is the key-feature that allows Eprom System to set up high-end technology security and control systems, guaranteeing the highest qualitative and performance level.

Final customer training and “Key-in-hand” formula give us more skills and provide the customer a 360-degrees services portfolio.

Furthemore this series of services we provide, create trust and a long term partnership with our customers to ensure them the best customer experience.


Bespoke security expert

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