ISO 9001:2015 Policy

According to the ISO 9001:2015 normative, Eprom System applies to its work the basics of the Quality Management System, which represents Excellence and Competitiveness for the Company.

Eprom System’s leadership has defined a fundamental guidance applied to the entire company supply below described

  • The company is actively busy understanding  the present and the future market demand, providing the higher expected qualitative level.
  • The company is constantly involved into its self-enhancement, following its strategic targets, ensuring those are compatible with the quality target and the context
  • The company will always act and make decisions basing the choice according to the fact analysis, inline with the experience and intuition.

To comply those targets, the Leadership will: 

  • Plan its processes with a risk-base-thinking approach, in order to evaluate and treat process-associated risk to strengthen the identified opportunities.
  • Define new targets and challenging goals giving a clear view on the company future
  • Provide the staff with basic resources, information and liberty to act with responsibility
  • Support communication between different company levels, considering every needs coming from the staff, customers, property, management, supplier, local-community and general collectivity.

In order to get those targets and kept, we expect:

  • Periodical and structured meetings
  • Technical and qualitative improving plans
  • Risk and opportunity evaluation while defining processes
  • Internal and external audit for Quality Management System

In the policy and strategics sphere for the QMS, Eprom System follows these priority targets defined on parameters clearly identified and measurable:

  • Keeping the acquired market position
  • Customer portfolio improvement
  • Continuous enhancement of the customers satisfaction level
  • Progressive reduction of customers claim
  • Enhancing development technologies and designing


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