Maintenance Services

To our customers who want to ensure continuity and system efficiency, we offer system maintenance plans.

As we design the system, we have a deep knowledge of it and all its technical aspects to maintain it

We offer two kind of maintenance services:

– Emergency recover service: in case of unexpected system fault, we can intervene within next 24 hours from customer’s advisory, so we can reduce his waiting time and provide a fast system-recover 

– Ordinary maintenance: during the year we schedule in agree with the customer an intervention to check system health-status, when necessary we substitute overused components, like batteries and UPS

The maintenance services allow us to keep the system high efficient, furthermore, allow us to build a continuative and trusty partnership with our customer.

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Test & Commissioning

Test & Commissioning

Following “FAT” – Factory Acceptance Test, our team in collaboration with the System Integrator execute the final system test, verifying every  active interconnection in place.

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In this phase is where the project is realized using technical standard as agreed with the System integrator. During this process, our technicians execute all

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Project Management

We spend all our strength beside our customer to realize successfully his project, balancing time, costs, performances and human resources, to satisfy highest  customer’s expectation.

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Bespoke security expert

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